Women's Circle Of Friends


Women's Circle of Friends

 NOTICE --- CANCELLATION for March 21! 
Hello dear kind souls, sorry to say that the March 21 "Circle of Friends" gathering is being canceled due to the Coronavirus.
But, I am happy to say that the April 18th gathering will be held as usual -- third Saturday in April. Please mark your calendars accordingly.
And, I will be adding something new in addition to what we are already doing.  The title I have given it is: Did you know? By doing so I hope to give you some tools of thought to help answer questions you may possibly have regarding your life experiences --- the why of it all.
Think on this ---
We are ALL, (women & men), small pieces of the larger Mysterious Puzzle that we call Life!   Each piece of the puzzle, (and there are many of them) makes us what or who we are, how we think, or how we react to any situation.