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Dear Friends of Unity~

All  of us are in uncertain times; and yet from this we grow in friendship, empathy, compassion and love. We applaud all who are able to step up and step out to help others.
Having our Center doors closed is a strange feeling for me, and I am sure for all of you. The absolute good news is, 99 people listened to our broadcast from this past Sunday. This tells me people are hungry for positive, uplifting words. 
I am also aware that some of you may be out of work and I know you are all needing to have wisdom with how you use our finances. So I just ask you, you who are able to share, share what you can as your weekly or monthly love offering. Your Board of Trustees along with myself are being prudent with our finances and doing all we can to keep our Center financially sound.


My Source is Inexhaustible 

The abundance of Life is mine today. I want for nothing. My good is the Infinite  Power of Spirit acting upon substance of Itself to supply every need in my outer world. This substance takes whatever form is called forth by me each day, according to my thoughts, feelings and attitude.
I do not have to hoard or store up y worldly goods because my supply is like an ever-flowing river who's source is inexhaustible.  I am always abundantly supplied with constructive, creative ideas which enable me to fulfill my purpose in life.
I am supplied with peace of mind and wholeness of body. i am supplied with the wonder and beauty of love, for I love and am loved.
All good things are mine today and everyday, for there is no limit to the givingness of Spirit. I am eternally grateful.
And so it is..
~Dr. Frank E. Richelieu  1997



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