Unity Spiritual Center-The Best Kept Secret

Unity offers a delightful mixture of New Thought and practical Christianity following the teachings from the Master Teacher, Jesus. He told us the greatest commandment is "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and Spirit. Love your neighbor as yourself."

Unity is a community of spirited people who are centered in the belief of One Power, One Presence, and recognizes the Divinity in all people. It's an all-inclusive community regardless of religious beliefs, race, sexual orientation, etc. Each person is born with a "Spark of Divinity" and is created with equal sacred worth.

Unity of Sheboygan is a dynamic teaching, bringing each to and through their own spiritual journey. A path to personal healing(physical or emotional), forgiveness, and erasing lack and limitation from their lives.

Unity creates a sacred space for each person to express their own uniqueness and to evolve at their own pace.

The Spirit of Unity Spiritual Center has made a viable impact in our Sheboygan community in a humble and generous way. It might surprise you to know that under the leadership of our Minister, Reverend Aubree-Lynn, for the past five years, Unity has supported 5% of their Time, Talents, and/or Tithes every month to one of the following community supporting entities:

  1. Habitat For Humanity
  2. Safe Harbor
  3. The Food Bank
  4. Salvation Army + Rang Bells/Caroling for Christmas
  5. American Red Cross
  6. St John's Warming Center

Unity offers Circle of Friends, a group of men and women learning, discussing, and growing together; book study groups, classes for personal and spiritual growth, a weekly prayer circle, and so much more.

Clearly, Unity Spiritual Center has remained the best kept secret of Sheboygan long enough. NOW it is its time to shine.

Join us and be prepared for an inspirational and motivational Sunday Celebration always followed by coffee and treats. This is the place where transformation takes place. This is the place to find that divine spark that has been missing from your life. This is the place to meet new friends to share in your journey of spiritual inspiration.