Welcome to Unity Spiritual Center

"A Gathering Place for Spiritual Growth"

Unity Spiritual Center is a Center for Practical Spirituality based on the Truth Principles that span the test of time; they reflect the laws of the universe.
A principle is a rule of law that applies to all people, everywhere, all the time. Spiritual Principles work the same way.

The Unity movement claims no corner on Spiritual Truths; these principles show up in every major religion; All great teachers &
philosophers such as Jesus, Buddha, and so many more taught these same Truths. There are many paths but only one God.

Unity teachings reflect the best of all worlds; practical Christianity, teachings of the East and West and the philosophy
of such men and women such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emmet Fox, and Emma Curtis Hopkins.

We invite you join us for a fun-filled inspiring Sunday Celebration and experience the warmth and friendship of like-minded people.

Blessings & Joy

                                                 Reverend Aubree-Lynn